Be Still-Don’t Sweat

Ok, time for a message.  Be still so you don’t sweat. Psalm 37:1-2 encourages us saying “Do not fret because of evildoers.  Nor be envious of the workers of iniquity.  For they shall soon be cut down like grass, and wither as the green herb”.  Why does it seem like there is more bad stuff happening around us today?  Are there simply more bad people now than before?  It’s sad and wrong that Mr. George Floyd died as a result of being arrested by police.  That can never be changed by anyone.  But since his death, we have had people to die protesting on behalf of Mr Floyd, as they tried to do something about what they believed caused his death.  Their deaths are sad and wrong too.  The Word today encourages us not to worry about what evil people do; but that is a hard thing for many to accept because we don’t like to see or even think that people are mistreated because they are just people.  So those people say to themselves, they must do something cause they worry if they do nothing, that nothing will change.  God sees all this before we see it.  But He is not worrying about the evil doer; He has a time and place in mind to take care of that.  He worries however about the good people who cannot wait for Him to deliver us all from this evil.  But that is what He needs us to do; to wait for Him.  Because to change what we face today; We have to allow God to change something that goes on within us – our hearts.  Evil cannot exist where Love exists.  If we want what is best for Mr Floyd, we must learn to sit down and Love more and let the process of our laws take care of the wrongs done by evil.  I know some of us would say our laws permitted the wrongs to occur but law did not do that – people with evil hearts break the laws but the laws do not make evil hearts.  If we learn to love more loudly with quiet lives filled with God’s Love, we wouldn’t have to yell so loudly about the evil that is with us daily; evil that seems to never go unpunished.  We want God to change the way things are going on around us, but the way He wants to do that is to change the way we live towards Him and then towards others.  God does not protest the work of evil doers; that brings light to evil in ways that others will envy.  Laws can never deliver us from bad people nor can laws make bad people good.  only Love can do this.  So quiet your life and your spirit today and love more.  Live in such a way that people come to envy that fact that when they have occasion to interact with you, they find a quiet, caring and loving person who will never wither away even when the evil all around us seems to get hotter.  Live a Delivered Life.  Love you