A Moment at the Well

There are many accounts in Scripture where Jesus meets and shares Himself with someone who was not expecting the encounter.  One such encounter happens with a woman who goes out from town to the well to draw water and there she meets Jesus (see John 4:1-42).  It’s important to note that the woman was a Samaritan and at that time and because of their customs, the Jews did not associate with people of Samaria.  But Jesus was never one to blindly follow man’s traditions.  He met the woman and there at the well they had a few moments to talk.  As a result of that encounter, the woman and many people of her town came to a believing knowledge and saving faith in Jesus.

There are three more important revelations I want to share with you about that moment at the well:

• The well represents a place where people come together and share.  More than just to draw water, the well is a place where the most important aspects of daily life centers because it is there water is drawn;  you don’t expect the unexpected when you go to the well;

• The well is a symbol of provision – life sustaining water.  Man can live without food longer than he can live without water.  And man can grow and produce food but man has yet to learn how to produce water.  Water must be found if life is to be sustained and;

• Jesus has a habit of taking the simple things and the simple doings of life and use them to show us how we can come to have and live the unimaginable life available to all who believe on Him and not themselves.

We are all in some way going to and from the well of our lives daily looking for water or whatever it is to make it through another day or another week or even another moment.  Like this woman, I used to live life like that.  But one day, Jesus met me at the well and there He opened my heart and allowed me to see that daily living is dead living; moment by moment living is dead living.  He shared with me things that brought me to a faith that delivered me from living day by day, to having Life in Him and having it more abundantly.

Now, He continues to meet me at the well and have these moments where He shares something more about how we can all have and live a delivered life.  I call these “Moments at the Well”.  They are His precious encounters with me at moments I least expected them.  And like the Samaritan woman, who ran back to town and told all the people of her encounter with Jesus, I have learned to share those moments with you in these short messages I call Moments at the Well.  I want this to be a “Moment at the Well” for you.

Live a Delivered Life.

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