Allen Forte

Your Moments at the Well

I’ve been told it’s important and necessary, that the author of these messages be identified. It seems almost prideful to put my name here and talk about me, as I am but a conduit of the Lord and His revelation to me.  I want people to see Him and not me.  Still, for those of you who do not yet know me, I understand it will be helpful for you to know a bit about me as you get to know more about the Lord through the messages He shares through me.

I am a humble man who tries to live a simple life of loving.  I have been husband to a wonderful lady for many years; she has been a better wife than I have been a husband.  With her we now live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area.  We are parents of four great sons.  My family challenges me to be a better husband and dad each day.  I love my family but that doesn’t make me any more special or any more worthy of anything or anyone else.  What it does is make me want to be the best thing on earth they could ever have known – next to Him and their mom.

So, that gives me reason for this.  I love loving the Lord; I love listening to Him and learning from Him.  I love giving of myself to others, so I am a man who wants others to experience all that the Lord is and all that He wants us to be and to have.

Each Sunday morning, before the sun comes up, for many seasons He and I meet and without fail He gives me a message. I spend Moments at the Well with Him and He teaches me. I listen to His voice and He reveals Himself to me. He has shown me how to live and thrive and love during the hardest of times. And how to praise Him, walk with Him, and rest in Him in every circumstance.   He has delivered me and continues daily to deliver me from a life of wanting His best for me to a life of having His best living in me.

I have listened, learned and shared with those closest to me since 1992, when this journey began, always being mindful to keep me out of the way and let the Lord speak. So now, through the prompting of His Spirit and the encouragement of others, the next season brings me to the place of sharing with those outside of my circle.  It’s my obedient joy to get out of the way and share Him with you. Be encouraged.  Perhaps He will, with you too, help you learn to live a Delivered Life at those Moments He meets you at the Well.

Live A Delivered Life.

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