The Dead Life

Ok, it’s time for a message.    The Dead Life.  1 Thessalonians 5:19 says “Do not quench the Spirit’.  God gives us His Spirit which lives inside each of us.  The life of the Spirit is there to teach us how to have and to live a life in Christ.  The Spirit wants to teach us to learn about life from what is within us more than from what is happening around us.  But sometimes we don’t listen to the Spirit.  Instead, we listen more to the world, which then shapes who we are.  We start to believe we live more before others than before God.  So we believe we need to act in ways others will respect and respond.  When we do this we  start to live a dead life.  A dead life is one where we lean more on what we know than on what God tells us; a dead life is one where we talk more about others than we walk more for others; a dead life is when our mouths move faster than our favor; a dead life is when we make a desire of life for us greater than a fact of life; a dead life is when we seek man’s acceptance and submission to our position and power more than we are powered and set in our position and status by God.  A dead life listens to what we want more than it listens to the Spirit.  In all these things we quench the Spirit of life so that It is smothered out by our own cares.  God warns us to be careful and do not quench His Spirit because when we do a dead life will eventually die and we will be as a living dead where we talk more than we walk; where we will have all we want but not the Holiness we need; where we will be loved by man but without the favor and grace and mercy that is of God. When the Spirit is alive in you, you will by your quietness of life, say more to others than the words you say or the things you do before them.  So watch that you do not live a dead life because a dead life will eventually lose its appeal and it will die.  Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.