A Cracked Windshield

Ok, it’s time for a message.    A cracked windshield.  In the book of Job, 2:9-10 scripture says “Then his wife said to him, do you still hold fast to your integrity? Curse God and die!  But Job said to her, … shall we accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?  In all this, Job did not sin.” Sometimes we can get cracks in the windshields of our cars and we don’t know what caused them.  A crack can start from just a small little spot, but over time it can travel across our entire windshield leaving a noticeable crack that anyone could see.  When this happens we will ultimately have to replace that windshield.  The windshield protects us but the crack makes it unsafe to keep driving what is to us an otherwise good car.  Sometimes we can get a little crack in life – like Job did.  It could be losing a position at work; having a sick child; having a leak develop in the roof of your house; losing someone close to us and much more.  In life we will have some good stuff and some challenging stuff to happen around us.  What matters more is how we respond to stuff.  Don’t be like Job’s wife, who lived like her integrity was dependent on her circumstance.  She was ready to walk away from life because life had a little crack in it.  Integrity is more what you make of the adversity that comes into your life.  Don’t give up on yourself; don’t give up on your children; don’t give up on your spouse; don’t give up on your friend; don’t give up on things that you can make better.  Learn to accept both the good and the adversity in life.  When we don’t know what to say or do, we sometimes say “everything happens for a reason”.  Well here is the reason – things happen because things happen.  A little pebble flies off the road and into your windshield because that is what pebbles do.  If you don’t accept it as harm it cannot do you any harm.  And if you have to believe that God threw or caused or permitted that pebble to hit your life, then don’t you know He is able to fix the cracks in your life that He causes.  Do your part and believe in Him right where you are; don’t be so quick to throw away the good you took into your adversity and the good that comes from enduring adversity while we wait in God.  Stuff happens –  but God happens even more when we hold to being the best good we can be through our worst adversity.  Live a Delivered Life.  Love you