Hold Your Head Up

Ok, time for a message.  You always have a reason to hold your head up.  Philippians 4:13 says “ I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me”.  We have to be careful that we do not listen for God and to God through the filters of our lives.  I mean, some of us are naturally negative people – we are wired to see what is missing or what is wrong or what someone is doing to us.  Then some of us are naturally positive people – we see what we have and we see the good and we see what someone means to us.  One person sees the glass of water and says it’s almost empty and I’m not full yet; the other sees the glass of water and says it’s almost empty but I’m almost full.  God wants us to see our lives through His lens and not our own.  Some of us hear the Words in Philippians and we say – I heard what God says but unless He works a miracle I cannot change this circumstance; I cannot make myself well; I cannot heal my child.  Then others of us actually hear the Word this way – “I alone may not be able to change my circumstance; I may not be able to make myself well; I may not be able to heal my child but I can do this.  I can do all that I will do through Christ, who strengthens me”.  When we live and when we do all things through Him, we have reason to believe He will change the things we cannot change ourselves.  The believer’s belief is the reason he can be positive and hopeful no matter the circumstances he may face.  Do all your things through Christ and you will discover how to live high when others are low; when others run from their most painful circumstances looking for joy, you will change your circumstances by your joy cause He will strengthen you so that you can change yourself.  Nothing can take this joy from you – nothing.  Don’t always be so quick to change your circumstance so you can be happy.  Let Him change your attitude and change your heart so that you can be happy and have a joyful heart right where you are.  Live a Delivered Life.  Love you