More Than Enough

There is a scripture in the book of Jeremiah that speaks to a bird called a partridge.  A partridge will lay its eggs in a small hole in the sand and then sit on them.  However, partridges are very skittish, fearful birds.  If they are startled by the least little thing, they will flee and abandon their eggs to save their own lives.  A partridge may steal the eggs of other birds and attempt to hatch them, but fear will drive them away from those eggs also.  Fear is a dreadful thing.  Whether real or unfounded, fear can drive us away from where we should be.  Fear is a real thing that is an unreal thing.  We are fearful when we replace what is real with something unreal, something that is in some ways more comfortable to us.  Fear happens most when we feel like we do not have what we want and when we do not understand what we have.

Believers must remember that we always have more than enough of any real thing that we may want or need.  That is because we have the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  Psalms 16:5 says, “Or Lord, you are the portion of my inheritance and my cup; You maintain my lot.”  This passage is a little difficult to comprehend, but here is what I understand.  The Lord provides all that we need for life.  He controls our destinies and how all things will unfold for us.  But this is only if we believe and do not try to take control of our lives ourselves.  He is indeed more than enough for us, more than enough of anything we might need to live a good life here with Him.

We must remain faithful to believe and to trust in Him for our all.  If we turn from the Lord to seek after our own things our own ways, then in some ways we are saying we do not have enough.  But as believers we always have more than enough.  We simply need to believe and to remember that:

  • God will keep us when we put our trust in Him.  We should not trust our ways, for our ways are not His ways. (Psalm 16:1)
  • We can have nothing good that is apart from the Lord.  If He doesn’t provide the good in our life, then what we think is good is no good at all.  (Psalm 16:2)
  • The crooked places of our lives, the high places of our lives, the low places of our lives, the curves in our lives, and all things that would challenge us will be straightened by Him because He provides a good inheritance for us here. (Psalm 16:6)
  • Jesus has the Words of life that give us life.  Though life may sometime seem tough to live, we must stay with Him and not turn away for He is more than enough for us to get through all that is before us.  (John 6:67-68)

Remember that you are never enough to achieve enough for yourself.  Set yourself behind the Lord, and He will go before you, making the way straight for you.  He is at your right hand if you will not remove yourself from His presence.  He will never leave you so alone that you are alone.  He will always show you the Way for your life so that you do not follow a path of your own thinking.  When we come to know that we have more than enough in Him, we will know that in His presence we are full of joy and have all that we need.  We will have no fear for anything at anything.  At His right hand are good pleasures forevermore for all believers.  Have no fear for He is indeed more than enough for us.  Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.