New Every Day

I generally observe three types of people around us.  Those who spend a new day trying to do more of what they did yesterday.  Those who spend a new day trying to have more of what they had yesterday.  And those who spend a new day trying to be more than they were yesterday.  I have been each of these people.  I didn’t want my old self or my old ways to become old. I loved who I was more than I could see how I should love who I could be tomorrow.  I imagine there are lots more like I was.  Yes, I say who I was. We can spend our lifetimes trying to make new days just like the old days because we won’t change our old selves or our old ways.  That is not who I am today.  I have learned that a new day is a new day.  I tell people now that if they are the same person today that they were yesterday, they should go back to sleep and wait for a new person to wake up.

We should have this mindset about us.  We should all want to be better today than we were yesterday and better tomorrow than we are going to be today.  We are not blessed just so that we can stay the same as we are.  God’s blessings are designed to make us want to be more unlike who we are and more like who He wants us to be.  But we find this hard to understand so it is even harder to do.  We want His blessings, but we do not want to change who we are.  Then the world tells us we can come to Jesus just as we are and that is true.  But we should stay with Him, dwell with Him, and live with Him just as He wants us to be.  But we make it so hard to do.  I was one who wanted all that it meant to live with Him, but that really did not mean I was ready to do all that it meant to have that. 

Scripture encourages us in the Lamentations 3:21-23.  It says “My soul still remembers and sinks within me.  This I recall to my mind; Therefore I have hope.  Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not.  They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.”  Through the Lord’s mercies we could be and perhaps we should be, but we are not consumed.  Through His mercies we make it through each new day.  It doesn’t matter if your day was good or bad, it is through His mercy that you made it through.  Be grateful.  Remind yourself that you couldn’t have gotten through today to your tomorrow save for the wonders of His mercies today.

Now, when I find myself trying to live today the way I did yesterday, I am reminded in my soul that His mercies are new every day, and they are new because He wants me to be new every day.  So, I say to myself, don’t let the old me have a say in the new day that is meant for a new me.  When I find myself trying to live today to have more of what I had yesterday, I am reminded in my soul that His mercies are poured out to give me something new today that I didn’t have yesterday.  He doesn’t just brush off the old stuff and present it as new stuff to us.  He gives new stuff because His mercies are new each day.  And now when I find myself living today trying to be more of who I was yesterday, I am reminded in my soul that His mercies are poured into me today to make me be someone better than I wasn’t yesterday.  A new day; a new me; and a new way!

His compassions indeed never fail, nor does He ever run short of His mercies.  Knowing this should help us learn to run short of trying to have what we had yesterday, to run short of trying to do what we did yesterday, and to run short of trying to be who we were yesterday.  If we would give up all the old stuff about us, He would bless us with New Days full of New Stuff and New Ways that He has reserved for the New Lives in us that He loves daily.  Will the New Day see a New You?  I pray that it will.  Life Delivered.  Love you.