He Cares for You

Did you know that God’s mind is always on you?  Does that surprise you at all?  What does that mean to you?  And do you understand what it means to cast your cares upon Him?  I know that many of us find it difficult to let go of things that are trying to get hold of us, especially when circumstances demand our constant and immediate attention.  Many of us find ourselves in difficult and complex situations that make it is hard to see how the Lord will help us through, especially when we see that so many things must change for us.  

Still, whether we understand these things or not, scripture encourages us to give our cares over to Him. Nothing we face is so big that He does not have His eyes trained on it for us.  We can believe that about Him.  Scripture encourages us in 1 Peter 5:6-7, saying, “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”  Have you ever cared about something or someone so deeply that your mind was always on them?  God would not tell us to cast our cares on Him if He did not intend to have you and all that you care about on His mind daily.

Jesus tells us that not even the life of a little sparrow escapes the eyes and goodness of God.  How much more then will He want to care for you and me?  If His eyes are on the sparrows, then surely His heart is on us.  At some time in your life you have probably had someone tell you to “mind your own business.”  I would like to share a few things that will help you put yourself into the position where God minds your business for you.  How great would that be?

First, learn to live a submissive life instead of a contrary life.  God resists us when we live as if we can handle things on our own.  If you live like you control all that happens in your life, He will stand by and let you have charge over all aspects of your life.  A submissive life is a humble life, and a humble life is the kind of life God rewards with the power of His grace.  If you want God to mind your business for you, then give Him all the things that make up your cares of life and let Him care for them.  Humble yourself under God’s hand, and He will lift you out of your circumstances and your burdens.

Then, learn to learn from life and the things that happen around you.  God cannot help you with your business when you refuse to learn from your business.  There are people around you who are smarter than you are about some things; learn from them.  There are people who do some things better than you do; learn from them.  There are people who discipline themselves to live in ways that are better than you do; learn from them.  If you are too hard hearted and stiff necked to learn from the things that are happening around you, it is unlikely you will learn from the soft gentle ways God uses to help you.  Pride keeps you from learning because pride keeps you trying to be more than you are.  Pride keeps you from being all you can be.  Failure happens when pride prevents the learning needed for you to be successful.  Learn to be a learner in life and God will be your teacher.

Finally, if you want God to mind your business, give Him all the things that you care about.  Throw your cares into His arms and then fill your arms with the things of His life.  By filling your arms with His things, you will not have a way to pull back the things you give away to Him.  He tells us to take His yoke upon ourselves, so let’s do that.  Throw your cares of life on His wagon and then yoke yourself to Him and learn to pull the burden He gives you.  He promises that His burden is lighter than the burden of your own cares.  Go to Him and swap out your cares for yourself with His cares for you.  When you learn to care about what He cares about, you will discover how much He has been caring for you all along.

If you want God to mind your business, cast your cares on Him and let Him teach you how to view your cares through the lens of His power rather than through the weaknesses of your own strengths.  Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.