Tell me.  How many of you, when you are in a hurry, will get to the elevator and press the button, but while you wait for it to arrive you decide to take the stairs instead?  The elevator just does not arrive fast enough for many of us.  So, we exhaust ourselves by taking the stairs only to realize when we get to our floor the elevator has made it there just ahead of us.  If we do not think we need the Lord’s help with a thing, it is not likely we would think to wait on Him.  We can take the stairs using our own strength.  The elevator will always arrive on time, but our impatience can make it seem like it is delayed.

I want to encourage you to be one to wait on the Lord for everything.  Psalms 27:14 encourages us with this simple message, “Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart:  Wait, I say, on the Lord!”  If you learn to wait on Him for everything you do and all that you want to do, then He add to you natural strength, His Spiritual strength to make things happen.

We don’t know for certain, but the belief is that it took Noah at least 75 years to build the ark that would later save his family from the great flood.  Abraham had to wait till he was almost 100 years old before he became father to his only son Isaac.  Joseph spent several years in an Egyptian prison for something he did not do before he was released and made second in command in Egypt.  The Israelites were captive in Egypt for over 400 years before God brought them out by Moses.  It can take an Oyster over a year or more to produce a pearl.  

You might say Noah took such a long time to build the ark so that other people would have time to learn to love God.  You might say Abraham had to wait as long as he did because he had to learn to be a great father.  You might say Joseph spent time in prison so he could learn to wait on the Lord for everything.  You might say it took over 400 years to secure the release of the Israelites because they had to grow in numbers that would rival their enemies who were already in the promised land.  And you might say the oyster takes as long as it does to produce that pearl because the oyster must learn to live with a difficulty that will not go away.  When you learn to wait, the Lord will be there to help you endure and get through your greatest difficulties.

We are very impatient people today.  We do not want to wait for much, but we want much to change in our lives each day. We are challenged to wait in two simple ways.  We must learn to wait for something good to happen in our lives, or we must learn to wait for something difficult to stop happening in our lives.  Waiting comes down to those two simple things.  The challenge for each of us is to learn to wait on the Lord so that we do not lean upon our own strength to get us through.

What should you do while you are waiting on the Lord?

  • Don’t make things harder for Him to work on your behalf.  If you are waiting on the Lord to change the heart of someone you care about, wait for Him to change your heart instead.  A change in you which might be the thing needed to change the heart of someone else.
  • Don’t expect to get something for yourself without changing something about yourself.  Often times the miracle you are waiting on is the miracle you allow the Lord to do by changing something in you.
  • Don’t complain about where you are while you wait for things to change.  Your attitude is an indication of whether you are waiting faithfully on Him or whether you are faithfully frustrated with Him.

What is the Lord doing while you are waiting for Him?  Noah probably asked this question many times!

  • He is trying to order your steps in Him rather than in the world.  Make it easy for Him and stop wondering about chasing your own paths to nowhere.
  • He is trying to work His miracle in you so that others can see His favor upon you.  If you are determined to do it by yourself, it is not likely He will be able to do more than what you do for yourself.
  • He is waiting to see if you will wait to see.  The Lord cannot deliver you from your challenge if you are going to take the stairs to another level of your challenge.

Learn how to deny your urge to try to be successful at everything that you do and wait on Him to help you do what you cannot do.  Our circumstances do not determine the speed at which the Lord responds to our needs. Our patience to wait in those needs is what determines how quickly the Lord helps us.  Learn to always be heard by the Lord by being silent before everyone.  Then the Lord will speak for you and others will hear about you.  Learn to take your impatience to the doorstep of the elevator of patience.  Press the button and then wait on the Lord to deliver you through your circumstance.  Wait on the Lord; He will come in time to deliver you.  Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.