The Genealogy of You

Today my message is about the genealogy of you, but unlike the many ancestry tools we have today that are supposed to take a sample of your DNA and trace your beginnings back to someone or some people, the question we are asking is in whose life can we trace   your future?  In the book of Matthew, Chapter 1: 1-17, the genealogy of Christ is recorded for us.  Verses 1 and 16 of Chapter 1 says to us “The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham”.  And Jacob had Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus who is called Christ”.

When we look at the genealogy of Christ, we will find 42 generations of some simple people who were amazingly different from the people of their times. Abraham and David are two of those people.  Abraham was a faithful man – he is our example of one who walked with God all his days. Abraham learned the hard way, with the birth of his son Ishmael by someone other than his wife, to depend on God for everything.  After that failing, Abraham seemingly never took matters of his own life into his own hands because when he did that, he knew he was taking matters of his own life out of the hands of God.  Abraham stands at the beginning of the genealogy of Christ because he was a faithful believer and follower of God.  Perhaps Abraham’s faith and his obedience and his dependence on God were the reasons he made it to be a part of Christ’s genealogy.  

What about you?  Is your faith simple enough; is your obedience consistent enough; and is your walk guided enough by Christ that you would make the genealogy of Christ’s future today?  

And then there is David. Scripture tells us God chose David to become His king while David was still a young boy playing with his sling shot.  David stands at the middle of the genealogy of Christ because he helped us to see that we cannot have our way with our lives and yet live the life God wants us to live.  We must choose to live with our hands-off to allow God room to have His hands on our lives.  And even in a great sin of his own, David is an example to us of how acting in the dark in your relationship with the Lord will become a very low point in your life; but he also showed us there is nothing greater and nothing higher than acting in the repentant and obedient light of your love for God.   Perhaps it was David’s hands-off way of life; his love for the Lord; his child-like running after the Lord and His unashamed adoration for the Lord that were the reasons he made it to be a part of Christ’s genealogy.  

What about you?  Are you hands-free enough of your life; is Christ the Love of your life; do you run hard like a child to find Him in your life; and are you unashamed in your adoration for Him such that you would make the genealogy of his future? Things like are a look back at what can be found in your past.  But the genealogy of you is a look to your future to learn if Jesus will find that you have lived as one of His children.  The genealogy of you is decided by you.  You have some Abraham in you and you have some David in you but greater than that, you have Christ in you.  Live like you belong in the Genealogy of His family today; if you do so, He will make it so.  Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.