Glory in This

My message today is about something in which we should take great pleasure. There is a scripture in the new testament where Jesus warns us about being the kind of people who trust in themselves that they are righteous and they look down on others.  But before that, He issued a stronger warning to us about this very thing when in the book of Jeremiah, chapter 9:23-24 scripture says “Thus says the Lord:  Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom; let not the mighty man glory in his might; nor let the rich man glory in his riches; But let him who glories glory in this, that he understands and knows Me”.  Everywhere we look today there is evidence of man’s quest for wisdom, might and riches.  We can now travel to and from space as easily as we travel across country; and we have built telescopes and computers so strong that we can see and do what was unimaginable yesterday. And now we can dive deep to the bottom of the ocean to learn about what is there.  If it is unknown we have to know it; if it is big and strong we have be better; and if there are riches to be had we have to have those and have more.  We have to be first at anything and the best at everything and we want everyone to know this about us.  All this though is transitory and folly because we establish our greatness against the weaknesses of someone else. We establish the value of what we have against what others don’t have.  So does that really make us great or does it make us look selfish and self-righteous? There is really one thing that we lack and one thing that really matters – that is to understand and to know God.  Nothing is greater than this. In this is everlasting and true wisdom and great strength and riches like nothing else.  In this is real righteousness.

Real wisdom is to listen to and to hear so clearly what the Lord says that you learn to discern what cannot be known by your own strength. Real might and strength is to be strong enough to help others enjoy the glory of overcoming something or someone greater than they are.  And real riches is to deposit more of God’s love into the hearts of others  – more than all the money and riches you have acquired.  All these things are everlasting and they are a delight to the Lord.  And a life such as this is a grateful life, one that takes what little knowledge and wisdom and power and riches it has to shine in the lives of others here on earth. Here is a statement of real knowledge, and wisdom and power and riches – live a life of gratitude because gratitude takes what little you have and makes it more than enough for you to live joyfully; and more amazing, it will make your life a life in which others will find joy and peace and happiness.  This is the life that we should live so we can hear and understand the Lord and live to His glory. Live A Delivered Life.  Love you