Beyond Understanding!

Ok, it’s time for a message. Beyond Understanding! In the book of Proverbs, 3:13, scripture tells us “Happy is the man that finds wisdom, the man who gets understanding.” One of the greatest things we can have in life is to learn how to live with what we do not understand. We will never have enough knowledge to problem solve our way to success; we will never have enough knowledge to pass every test we encounter; we will never understand all the things we face daily. But we can learn how to live happily with what we do not understand. It is wisdom that can teach you that just because you do not understand something doesn’t make that thing a harm or threat to you. Wisdom is something to have so you don’t have to live in fear and under the control of what you cannot control. You can get more with wisdom than what you can buy with gold or silver. With our own understanding we will spend all we have trying to find answers when wisdom simply wants to teach us how to live long happy fruitful lives with unanswered questions. Often those that seem like they are the greatest among us are not always wise nor does age bring understanding to everyone. But within each of us is the Spirit of the Lord; it is through Him that the Lord Almighty brings us wisdom and understanding so that we can live in peace and in fulfillment right in the middle of our lack of understanding. Don’t allow the blessings of this message be beyond your understanding. Live a Delivered Life. Love you.