Praise Changes You

Ok, it’s time for a message.  Praise changes you.   In the book of Psalms we are urged to praise the Lord.  In Psalm 149:6 about the saints it says – “Let the high praises of God be in their mouth”.  Praise is not just something we do at church; it is not something we just do in prayer; it is not just something we do when we are being thankful.  Genuine praise is more than words; it is a life of gratefulness trying to live in our lives.  Praise will change who is in control of your life.  When your mouth is full of praise for God, you will have no room to speak in ways that do not praise Him.  When your heart is full of praise for Him you will have no room to have motives that would be contrary to His desires; and when your life is a life of praise for Him you will have no room to live as if you own Him because He has saved you.  When praise is our life; when it’s our heart; and when it’s the language of our mouth there will be no room in our mouths for the little nasty words that fill our hearts and our lives today.  A word of praise that comes from a life of praise is God’s way of saying to others look at them.  They love Me because I love them.  Praise  will change the most difficult and most stubborn and the most unruly thing about us – our attitudes.  And if we can change our attitudes we can change our favor and fortunes. God wants your praise for sure but not just for Himself; He knows real praise is a real life changer.  So let your life and heart and mouth be full of praise for Him.  Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.