Easter 2023

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ on the third day after His death.  Resurrection means to give life again to something that was dead.  It is important for us to know this because God wants us to know we have a living Savior, and we serve a living God.

In the 24th chapter of Luke, the Bible says some of the women who had been followers of Jesus went to the tomb where He was laid three days before.  They were bringing spices to anoint His body—a dead body.  But when they arrived, they found the stone sealing the door of the tomb had been rolled away.  They entered the tomb, but they did not find Jesus’ body there.

Instead they saw two men standing by them in shinning garments.  According to Luke 24:5 the men to the women, “Why do you seek the living among the dead?  He is not here but is risen!”  Easter is more than about bringing a dead person back to the life they had before.  Easter is about resurrecting a dead life, to bring forth a new life that didn’t exist before.

Now the resurrected Jesus was still Jesus but much more.  He was and is a Jesus who never will die again.  Jesus brought many people back to life, but those people were not resurrected. Jesus brought Lazarus back to life, but Lazarus ultimately died again. Why is this important to us?

Because Easter represents God’s promise to believers that as Jesus was resurrected to a new life, never to die again, so it will be possible for all of us who are believers.  Jesus made it possible for us to die once, to be brought back into a new life and to never die again.

Now that is something worth celebrating!

If the thing we serve is dead, how can we live?

If the thing we serve cannot be heard, how can we obey?

If the thing we serve is silent and cannot talk, how can we hear?

If the thing we serve cannot move, how can we be found?

If the thing we serve cannot see, how can we be seen?

If the thing we serve cannot empathize with us, how can we be comforted?

I could go on.  But you should get the point.

Easter means we serve a living God.  And because He lives, He is our God while we live out our dying lives.  Then we can have time to accept His offer of being given a new and eternal life.

So, like the women who went to the tomb looking for Jesus, let’s make every day an Easter Day.  Let’s get up and go looking for the one true and living God.  But let’s not go looking in a tomb; He is not there.  God is closer to us than the tombs around us.

The women went to the tomb because they believed in Jesus and that is where they saw them lay His body.  Their faith is what made them go.  Today, He is alive and waiting to live in your heart.  You don’t have to go anywhere.  You need only believe that He is the Resurrected King and Savior.

When you do this, He will come and roll away the stone from the door of your heart.  He will come into your heart and there He will make His home.  And then you will begin to enjoy having a new life, one that comes into an old tired and dead life.  

Have a blessed Easter.

Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.