Not All Things

In our world people generally want all of what is rightfully theirs.  Some of us even want what is rightfully yours just so we can have more.  We believe if we can build it, create it, discover it, make it, or even dream it, then it’s in our God given rights to have it.

But is that really the way it should be?  In scripture, Paul warns us against this idea of having all that we can have.  1 Corinthians 10:23 says, “All things are lawful for me but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me, but not all things edify.”

Paul is saying not all the things that are rightfully ours to have are the things that we should seek to rightfully have.  Paul says this because if we get all that we can rightfully have, we will miss out on many of the things that are good for us but not rightfully ours to have.

If you can earn it, then its rightfully yours.  If you can inherit it, then its rightfully yours.  What is rightfully yours is yours only because you have done something to make it available to you. But, if you want all that is rightfully yours, you will miss out on having some of the more valuable things that must be given to you by someone else.  These are things we cannot earn.

You may have the right to free speech, but not all of your speech is free.  If you don’t learn how to hold your tongue you may never be given the respect of those who will hear and judge all that you say.  Free speech can sometimes cost you respect that must be given you.

You may believe you have the right to avenge yourself of any wrongs done against you, but, not all, if any, vengeance is right for you.  If you do not learn to leave vengeance to God, you may never be given the mercy of God when you need it.  Your time to need mercy will come.  It comes to all of us.

You may believe you have the right to have all the privileges that come with your job or your status, but not all privileges are meant for you to have for yourself.  If you do not learn that your privileges are best used to help others, you may never be given the privilege of being lifted up when you are down.

You may believe that you have the right as a child of God, to defend your faith and your beliefs from attacks.  But defending your faith may expose you to more attacks than you can handle.  If you don’t learn to leave defense of your faith to God, you may never have the blessing of the grace of God moving in your faith.

And finally, you may believe that having fundamental rights to be and to do and to live as you please are inherent rights for all human beings.  But having all these human rights may keep you from having the right to give up your humanity for the privilege of living spiritually before God.

Not all things that are right for us are right to us.

Not all things that we can have are things we should have.

Not all things that we can do are things we should do.

Having all the things we can have focuses our attention on ourselves when God wants us to focus our attention on Him.

Not all things will be good for you to have, but giving up things you could have leaves room for the Lord to give you good and better things that cannot otherwise be yours.

Feed His sheep and He will feed you.

Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.