So It Was

Recently I had the opportunity to attend an arts festival displaying the artistic work of my daughter-in-law Sophia.  As I observed her work, I wondered how it was that she could conceive of something so beautiful from nothing.  She called her work “So It Was.”  When she explained to me how she came to create the piece, all I could do was to thank the Lord for a wonderful daughter with a creative mind.

As I prayed and thanked the Lord for all the beautiful work I saw that evening, I realized God is amazing at how He finds one simple thing that is seemingly nothing and uses it to make the things He treasures.  So it was, He helped me to see that many things that are insignificant to us are treasures to Him.

So it was, as I continued to observe things, it came to me that Sophia was blessed to do a little bit of something like what God does for us each day.  He is the master at taking nothing and making something amazing and unimaginable.  And so it is that even something as meaningless as nothing has value to God! 

So it was, that before there was anything, God created something called the Beginning. And from that beginning, He created the heavens and the earth.  So it is that you and I are here today in this place we call earth.  So it is, we get to enjoy the creation of earth because God created earth as our place to stay for a while.  Genesis 1:1.

So it was, that before there was a man, God had created every man there would ever be in His heart.  So it is that Adam was created and through Adam and Eve, you and I are here today.  We get to enjoy being something from being nothing because God created the first human beings in Adam and Eve.  Genesis 1:26.

Sophia explained how she started and stopped her work, then started again several times before she got things the way she really wanted them to be.  So it was, though man was created in the likeness and image of God, we started to live in what we liked and in our own ways.  So it is, today many of us still start and stop and start again trying to get our lives right.

So it was, that long ago, man’s behavior caused God to be sorry that He had made man at all.  Genesis 6:6. But so it was that God found one man, Noah, who lived in such a way that he found the grace of God.  God established a grace covenant with Noah, such that all men today are given another chance to live in His image and in His likeness. Genesis 6:18.

For many years man struggled to live in the image and in the likeness of God.  We always seemed to find it more appealing to live like we wanted to live, in our own likeness and image.  These ways always reminded God of the times of sorrow He had with man.  God knew something had to change.

So it was, that God decided to put a plan in place for us that would keep Him from ever again being sorry that He created man, especially you and me.  So it is that He devised a plan to help us learn to transform our ways by being born again by water and by the Spirit of God.  John 3:5.

So, it was then; so, it is now!

So it is that God is faithful towards us.  He loved the earth so much that He sent His only Son to us.  That whoever believes in His Son should not perish but have everlasting life.  John 3:16.  We don’t have to start and stop and start again and again at life.

So it is that you may not feel like you know how to live like a child of God.  So it was that God planned for this too by giving us His Word way back in the beginning of nothing.  We have the best teacher we could ever have because His Word comes to live in us to change us.

So it is that you may feel helpless and without a sense of knowing how your life should be.  So it was that God planned for this too.  He tells us He has thoughts and plans for our lives and for a prosperous future for us.  We need only to live our todays guided more by Him and less by ourselves.  Jeremiah 29:11.

And finally, so it is you may feel like your life is a blank piece of paper and you have no idea of what should be written there upon.  So it is that God wants us all to know that we need only to write the obituary of death to ourselves so that He can write the amazement of the new birth of our lives with Him thereafter. 

So it was that we were lost in ourselves like the people of Noah’s time.  So it is that we are now found in Christ Jesus.

God takes something as meaningless as our lost lives and creates them to be of the greatest value they could ever be through the redemptive work of His Son.  So Jesus was, and so Jesus is, and so we are in Him.

You may think you are nothing, but nothing is just the right something God is looking for to create an unimaginable treasure for Himself called you.

Live a Delivered Life.   Love you.