Who Is Like You?

In Psalms 89:13 David asks himself a question of amazement.  He says to God, “O Lord God, Who is Like you?”  David didn’t wait for an answer.  He goes on to exclaim how amazing God is in everything!

David says that God’s faithfulness surrounds Him.  He rules the waves, the seas, and the whole world.  He created it all.  The north and the south were His idea.  Righteousness and justice are His ways.  Mercy and truth go before Him.  David was simply saying he cannot see how there could be anyone like God.  He is too amazing.

For sure, there isn’t anyone who can do the things God does, but we must remember how we were created.  In the beginning God created man to be like Him.  In Genesis 1:26, God had the same conversation with Himself that David was having with Him in Psalm 89.  God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.”  He said, “Let’s do something more amazing than anything!”

When you understand that you were created in His very likeness, you should realize that God asks you, “Who then is like you?”  You must look beyond simply looking at your children or your close family members to answer this question.

Since we have never seen God, it is not enough to say that we look like Him.  But God gave you an amazing way of appearing like Him that goes deeper than your outward appearance.  He does amazing things in your heart when you let yourself be like Him.  Who else is like you?

Since we are not as powerful as God, it is not enough to say we are as strong as He is.  But God gave us the blessing of His favor which is His way of working through our weaknesses to show His strength in amazing ways.  Who is amazing in strength like He is in your weaknesses?

Since we do not know as much as God, it is not correct to say that we are knowledgeable like Him.  But He gave us the gift of His wisdom so that we can know more than we should know.  Who shows His amazing wisdom like you do in your ignorance?

Since we cannot talk like God, it is not enough to say that we speak His language.  But God gave us His Spirit to speak through us to the world so that we are amazing in the things we say.  Who is like you in your language?

And, since we have our own minds, it is not enough to say that we think like Him.  But God gave us the gift of Christ so that as believers we could transform our thinking by having the mind of Christ.  Who is like you in the amazing way Christs teaches you to think?

I believe if God were asking Himself, “Who is like Me?” He would answer by saying, “You are, and you are, and you are, and you are.”  You see, God is great enough that He has no problem creating you to be someone like Himself and of Himself.  God is either fast at work in you, or He is fast at work on you.

So, who is like you?  Are you a good enough version of yourself that you would want someone out there to be like you?  Do you love well enough, talk well enough, or walk well enough that you would want someone to be like you?

By myself, I am not good enough to want anyone who knows me to be like me.  But since I know the Lord, this is what I want.  I want the work that He does in me and with me and through me to be so amazing that I will be like the many of you who show the great work the Lord has done in you.

So, who is like you and me?  It is people who present themselves daily to the Lord to allow Him to do the work He wants to do with them.

Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.