The Heart of Your Intentions

A young boy told his grandfather that it seemed like there was a fight going on between two people inside him.  One person wanted to do good, and the other person wanted to do everything that wasn’t good.  The young boy said he was tired of fighting.  

So, he asked his grandfather for help.  He knew he wanted the person who wanted to do good to win.  But why did he want that?  So, he asked his grandfather which person would win the fight for his life?

My life was transformed for better the day I realized that I too had this battle going on within me.  Two people were fighting to have control of my life.  One was whom God made me to be, into whose heart He put His Spirit.  The other one was destined to be a slave and servant to sin, always self-serving in actions.

I imagine this is probably the case for many of us.  But how can we live this way?  How can two people in one body fight for the same body?  Who will ultimately win? Well, perhaps like me, our victory cannot ultimately happen until we realize that we are in a battle with ourselves for ourselves.

I always thought my fight was against someone else.  You know, the person who hurt me, or the person who broke my trust or the person who was against me.  I thought it was easy to fight that person.  A fight them I did.  But this only led to my defeat in so many ways.

I learned that the ultimate battle against me was me.  When I realized this, I learned the only way to win the fight I fought against me was to change the intentions of my heart.  You’ve heard it said, actions speak louder than words.  Well, I was full of a lot of actions, and I had some very loud words directed at everyone else and at everything else before I changed my heart.

Romans 7:21 summed up my situation this way:  “I find then a law, that evil is present with me, the one who wills to do good.”  There were those two people—evil and good.  I always thought that the evil I faced was the evil directed at me by others.  Then I realized the reason I could not do the good that I wanted to do was because evil was present in me, making me do what I didn’t want to do.

I had to learn to stop judging the actions of others against me and to start transforming the intents of myself within me.  Our actions will always be more easily seen and heard because they are visible to others.  But the intents of our hearts are a more accurate and truer representation of who is winning the battle for our lives.

Scripture also tells us that man looks at the outward appearance and actions of others, but God searches the heart.  God looks at the intents of our hearts.  Man is pretty good at finding a dirty man hiding behind what seems like a good act.  But we often get that wrong.

God is amazing at finding a good man in the middle of a dirty act.   He never gets that wrong.

So, lets start today to transform the intents of our hearts.  Let’s take our focus off what we believe people are doing to us and focus on what we can be for people.  Learn to guard your hearts and to shut your mouth.   When you transform your hearts intentions you can more accurately transform your actions.

We can all hear what we say but only by the heart can we discern the intent of what we meant to say.  We can see all the things we do but only from the heart can we discern the intent for what we meant to happen.

If you want to do good, change the intents of your heart so that you can become someone who is good at heart.  Lots of evil people want to do good things but their intents are for themselves.  If you want to win the battle for your life, let the intentions of your heart transform you to become the good that is missing in the lives of others.

Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.