I Can Work with That

In the book of Mark, we find the account of Jesus feeding over four thousand people.  He had been teaching the people in a remote desert area.  At one point Jesus tells the disciples that He is concerned that the people had been with Him for three days without anything to eat.  He wanted them to be fed.

Mark 8:5-9 says that in response to His concerns, His disciples asked Him, “‘Where can anyone get enough bread here in this desolate place to fill these people?’  ‘How many loaves do you have?’ He asked them.  ‘Seven,’ they said.  He took the seven loaves, blessed them, and then distributed it to all the people.”

They were saying no one had enough to feed all these people.  He was saying that He could work with what they had if they would just believe.  We should never think about what anyone else can do when it is time for us to be someone.

The disciples could see the overwhelming size of the problem, but they didn’t see themselves as part of the solution.  They saw it through their limits.  They could not imagine how they could deal with this problem. 

Jesus may ask us to do a lot, but that doesn’t mean He leaves us to do it all alone.  He wants us to be someone He can use in His work in the lives of others.  He is not looking for anyone.  He is looking for you to be someone He can use.  Your part is to be ready when He asks.  He can work with that.

The disciples saw a big problem because they saw they had little means.  They determined they could not help because they did not have enough to do what was needed.  Jesus never asks us simply for our help; He asks if we will participate.  He can work with that.

We should not size up our problems based on the size of the Goliath we face.  Instead, we should compare our problems to the size of the faith we have in the fight with our Goliaths.

The disciples had to learn that Jesus could work with anything they had to make provisions beyond what their eyes could see.  He asked how many loaves they had because He wanted His disciples to know that with Him, four thousand people could eat from the same loaf and be filled.  Our part in life is to bring the loaf when it is our means to do so.  He can work with that.

I once worked for a very senior leader in the Pentagon.  He would always ask me if I had done my best in the work I did for him.  I typically responded yes.  Then he would tell me, “Then I can work with that.”  I did my part, and it was enough for him.

What he was saying is this.  He could take my best effort and together we could make it better. Our part is always to be willing to do what we can do with what we have and let the Lord do more.  He can do miracles with that when we are willing to do our part providing a little hope.

Jesus is always asking us how many loaves we have.  When we see a great need before us in the lives of others, let’s make sure we don’t try to serve that need from what we don’t have.  Our part is to give the Lord what we have and allow Him to do with that what we cannot do on our own.

He can work with that if you will be someone who will give Him all you are to work with.

Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.