Love Never Fails

Sometimes life can be so hard that it seems everything around us is but one step away from failing.  I know this feeling well.  But then I have learned I have something that can overcome anything.  That thing is love.

I’ve learned that the single greatest thing we can have, the greatest thing we can give, the greatest thing we can receive, and the only thing that will last in the lives of others is Love.  Love is the greatest because Love lives, and it will never give up trying to find you.

We know that God loves us.  He gave us His Son so that we may have eternal life just because He loves us.  More than that, Scripture describes God as Love.  But there’s even more.  In 1 Corinthians 13:8, Scripture says these three simple words: “Love Never Fails.”  God never fails.  God’s love for us will never fail. God’s life in us will never fail.

The first commandment we have is to Love God with all our hearts, minds, and souls and then to love others. God’s Love for us is perfect because He is perfect.  His Love in us is perfect too.  Since we are not perfect, we need the perfecting work of the love of God.  We need to love God and love others so that we can be complete.

So, what then is love and how is it that it does not fail?

Well for me, I have learned that Love is feeling toward God the same way that He feels towards others.  He lives for us so we should live for Him.  He sacrifices His wants to give us our wants, so we should sacrifice our wants to have His wants.

He puts what is best for us before what is best for Him, so we should put what is best for Him before what is best for us.  He believes in each of us so we should believe only in Him.  This is our love for Him.  His love for us never fails.  When we love Him in this way, He will not let our love for Him fail.

Loving others is to feeling toward them the way God feels toward them.  God is patient and kind with others, so we should be patient and kind in love toward others.  Love like this will never fail others.  God’s love for others will never quit; it will hang in there and bear all things hoping to make its way into the hearts of others.

Our love for others should never quit.  Our love should bear with others hoping to at some time make a way into their hearts.  Our love should never quit even when we want to quit.  Love like this from us will never fail others.

Sill, some of you may be wondering if it can really be as I am saying.  How can love never to fail when people fail us all the time?  How can love never fail when we don’t really know how to love like God or even how to receive the love of others who love us?  People will fail us because people are imperfect; but love doesn’t fail because love is perfecting.

So, we must learn to help make imperfect people more perfect by giving them the perfecting work of our love.  But we must watch out for fear.  Fear is the one thing that will keep us from experiencing the perfect Love of God, and fear is the one thing that will keep us from experiencing the love of others.

Fear will keep us from receiving the love of those who love us.  Fear wants to remind us we are hopelessly imperfect.  It keeps us from experiencing the love others want to give us.

Receiving just a little of the Love of God casts out fear.  The perfect love of God will cast out your fear of receiving, of being, and of giving love. Love never fails because the work of love can never fail.

Love is more than an emotion or a feeling we receive from others and more than an emotion or a feeling we have toward others.  Love is a life that comes to live in us, to work to free us from the fear of ourselves.  So, let love have its perfecting work in you.

Learn to receive the Love of God.  Without fear, learn to receive the love of those who fearlessly love you.

Love will never fail to perfect itself in you because love can never fail at being love.

Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.