Never Just Sent Away

In Matthew we find the story of Jesus providing food for over 4000 people who were following Him in the desert.  Matthew 15:24 says, “Jesus said to them, how many loaves do you have?”  Jesus is speaking to His disciples when He says this.

The disciples told Him they had seven loaves of bread and a few fish.  That was enough food to feed the disciples and Jesus, but no more.  They knew that wouldn’t feed 4000 people, so they wanted Jesus to send the people away to buy food for themselves.  Send them away?  The Lord never simply sends us away.

There are two types of people among us today.  There are those who will choose to walk with the Lord where He goes, and there are those who choose to walk our own paths while we hope He is on the same path as we are.

When we walk our own paths, we focus on ourselves even when we offer to help others.  The disciples did this.  They had food enough for themselves, but they took no steps to provide food for the others.  They didn’t ask the Lord, “Can You do something with this to feed as many of them as possible with what we have?”

When we walk with the Lord, we are focused more on what He sees in our circumstances than on what we are experiencing in our circumstances.  His eyes are always on the eyes of our hearts.  He watches us to make sure we have all that we need to stay with Him as we live with the challenges of life.

The Lord will never simply send us away.  Instead, if we are not walking with Him, He will gently and lovingly ask us to come unto Him and to walk with Him.  It is with Him that He gives us rest from the things that weary us the most.  He asks us to come.  If we stay away, we are doing that on our own.  

Scripture says the people had been walking with Jesus for three days without any food.  It says He had compassion on them.  He did not want to send them away hungry, lest they might faint when they were on their own again.  Jesus doesn’t want us to go back when we have gone forth with Him.

In the same way, He doesn’t want us to live on our own.  He doesn’t want us to faint under the burdens of life we take on by ourselves.  Instead, He wants us to walk with Him.  When we do this – even for as few as three days—He fills us with all that we need to walk and not faint at the things we endure when we are with Him.

When He calls us to Himself, He never sends us back to ourselves.  When we learn to walk with Him, we learn to let Him carry the burdens of life we will endure.  If you feel alone and about to faint from the pressures of life, stop.  Look where you are and what you are doing and check yourself.

If you see only your footprints and your shadow around you, perhaps you are on the wrong side of the road.  When Jesus is with you, you will find your path littered with compassion and provision and favor and, most of all, the Love for you and others that only comes from Him.

Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.