Choosing to Become a Believer

In many of my recent messages, I am reminding us of how difficult things are today.   Man has become very good at writing new norms and standards for the beliefs and behaviors they expect us to demonstrate toward one another.

Throughout the ages of mankind, when we have turned to our own ways, we have ultimately lost our way.  Scripture says the people were warned against this by God.  Judges 12:8 says, “You shall not do as we are doing here today, every man doing what is right in his own eyes.”

The more we remove God from the way we live, the more our own ways will divide us.  The more we celebrate and cheer what is different, the more different we become.  We cannot have our cake and eat it too.  We cannot have God in our lives and still hang on to the way we live before all other people.

How did we get so far off track?  Well, from a believer’s standpoint, we have become preoccupied with changing how we live before each other more than we change how we live before God.  We choose to come to God, and we even choose to accept Christ, but we do not choose to Believe in Him for the way we should live.

There are more than 8 billion people alive in the world today.  We cannot have a world of peace and harmony when every person believes in doing what is right in their own eyes.  We cannot have a country if we believe that.  We cannot have a state, or a city, or a town, or even a family that believes each person can do what is right in their own eyes.

I once asked a Marine Corps General how long did it take for the Marines to make a person a Marine.  He responded by telling me the Marines Corps could not make a person a Marine.  He said people joined the Marines every day, but each person had to choose to become a Marine.

There are many people who believe God is just who He says He is.  They call themselves believers, but their belief does not cause them to choose to change their ways.  Joining the association of believers is not the same as choosing to become a believer.

When we choose to become a believer, the evidence of that is born out in how we live before God and in how others will praise God for that.  We do not rewrite the norms for how we live before each other.  We personify how these norms should be lived before God’s standard.

A believer is a changed person living more like God lives and not just an enlightened person living more like we believe man should live.  Part of the reason things are so hard today is because believers don’t choose to become believers.  We say we believe, but we live no differently than many nonbelievers.  If we keep doing this, things will only become harder.

Let’s make some of these hard things easier for everyone.  When we decide to become a Christian, let’s also choose to become a believer.  When we do, we will learn to stop doing what man says is right.  Instead, we will stick to what is right before God. 

Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.