Nothing Better

Recently, I received an unwanted email from someone who suggested that I qualified to purchase the house of my dreams. I am satisfied with the house we have.   The email said all I needed to do was to apply for a loan that was already guaranteed.  I wasn’t asking for a loan guarantee.  I deleted the email without thought because it was designed to get me to want what I didn’t need.

That email was saying about me – your current house is old – it is dated – it needs upgrades – you can have more and better for less. It was saying to me that at that moment, I had nothing better. I don’t listen to people who put down the things I have.

If we are never satisfied with what we have, we will never have anything better than our next desire. I already had satisfaction. I didn’t need something someone else said was better than what I had.

Paul speaks to this in a way in the book of Philippians.  Philippians 6:11 says, “Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.”  Paul is telling us he knows how to live humbly when he has much, and he knows how to live abundantly when he has little.

Paul was saying he could be hungry, and he could be full at the same time.  How is that so?  Because he was satisfied.  Nothing was better for Paul than what he already had.  Now this was a hard lesson for me to accept.  I used to look at what I had, then I would think about what I didn’t have, and I would think about what I wanted.  I felt like I could not be happy unless I had something better than the thing that made me happy yesterday.

But being happy is a fleeting thing. Happiness is hard to find and harder to keep. The only way to be really happy is to be satisfied. When you are satisfied, nothing you don’t have could ever be better than the things you do have. Learn to desire and to seek after the spirit of satisfaction so you do not run after the quick feet of happiness.

Be satisfied with a good name; it is better than a store house of goods.

Be satisfied in heart with the things that are good and things that are not so good; the heart is made better and stronger when we go through times of sorrow more than when we live only for laughter and happiness.

Hear the people who are smarter than you; listening to wise people is better than dancing to the music of those who misguide us.

Be patient with yourself so you will be patient with others; being patient is better than being proud.

Be gracious towards others; being gracious will teach you to how to control uncontrollable emotions such as anger and anxiety.

And if you find those too hard to accept, remember this. There is nothing better than having the Love of God abiding in your life. His love is better than life itself. So, if you learn to give up your life so that He will claim your life with His love, you will find that there is nothing better in life than the life of the Love of God.

When you have the Love of God in your life, there is nothing better that you could ever want or need. He will take your old life and let you live like it is new every day.

Be encouraged today.  Live as if you have the one thing for which there is nothing any better.

When you have what is best, it makes what you have better than it is, just as it is.

The Lord helps you to be satisfied with what you have when the best that you have is Him.  There is nothing better than that.

Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.