Mother’s Day 2022

Mother’s Day is a day many people from many nations set aside time to honor mothers and women in general for the roles they play in our lives.  Indeed, mothers are special, and we should honor and cherish them for all they are.

I hope most of you will do something special to celebrate and honor the women in your lives today.  I believe the mothers among us deserve more than what we will give them today so whatever you do, be extravagant in that.

When Jesus He was on the cross dying, he looked down at the people below Him and saw His mother and John his disciple.  Seeing them, He said to His mother, woman behold your son!  And He said to John, behold your mother.

It is said that from that hour that John took Jesus’ mother into his own home.   So, the last thing Jesus did before his death was to make sure His mother would not be left on her own to care for herself.  His mother became mother to John and John became a son to her.

Now, we don’t know if Jesus had any living brothers or sisters still at this time who could have cared for His mother.  But that doesn’t matter.  He made sure she would have a son to care for her for the remainder of their lives.

Let’s look to Jesus’s example for how we ought to view Mother’s Day.  Jesus didn’t just do something for the day.  He didn’t just His give mom flowers and a meal.  He gave her a life as a son that He had given her all His life.

He gave her more of what He gave her each day of their lives; He gave her His love.

He showed her more of what He showed her all their lives; He cared for Her wellbeing.

He did for her what He probably did all their lives; He honored and cherished her.

Jesus’s examples to us are always good for us.  Let’s take this example of His Mother’s Day and do what He did.  Let’s make sure we don’t simply celebrate the day one way and live the year differently.

Love your mothers; provide for their well-being and honor and cherish them all the days of your life.

Behold your mother this Mother’s Day.

Love you.