Keep Praying

We are in the middle of some tough times these days.  COVID does not seem like it will ever go away. Our economy seems to be weakening. Essential things are more costly today than in times past. Many are unemployed still. Work is available but people are hesitant to get back to work because of COVID. Our leaders are more divided than ever, and they contribute to more of us being divided. Things are just difficult right now, and it seems like we have no where to turn in hopes of getting relief.

But we do. We can turn back to prayer. Yes, back to prayer. God hears all our prayers all the time, but we must get beyond praying just because times are difficult.  We must get back to a life of prayer, even in the good times. Scripture encourages us in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to “Pray Without Ceasing.” But why? Why are we encouraged to never stop praying? I believe it is because God knows stuff will always be happening in our lives, and so it is in prayer that we learn to always talk with God about the things going on with us.

I used the phrase “talk with God” because I believe this is what He means when He says pray without stopping.  He is encouraging us to talk with Him always about all things. We have come to think of prayer as our way of asking God for things, and that is partly the reason we pray. But more than asking for things, prayer is the way we simply cultivate and deepen our relationship with Him by talking with Him when we are not asking for anything at all. So, we should encourage ourselves to pray and keep praying always. We should talk with the Lord and keep talking always. If you are not in the habit of talking with God, you should ask yourself, who are you talking with?

The bible tells us to watch and pray because our Spirits are willing, but the flesh is weak. So, keep praying always. You do not want to become comfortable talking with the Lord only when you have problems you cannot resolve on your own. Keep Praying. Do not let your good times make it easy for you to stop talking with the Lord. Keep praying. If you learn to keep your heart and mind open to talking with the Lord, you will learn to:

  • Endure when things are tough because you know He is there, and He knows your situation—satan does not want to be in the same place as the Lord;
  • Walk in the light and not in the darkness because you know He is the light and the way;
  • Walk under the guidance of wisdom and insights because He shares these things with you that others want but they cannot have—the things that others want to see but they cannot see; 
  • Be at peace with difficult and challenging people and situations because the Spirit gives you the ability to live in grace and patience—you pray to the One who can change the things you cannot change;
  • Comfort those who are fainthearted and who are overcome by the things they face because you have the strength of the Spirit working in you;
  • Live a thankful life no matter the circumstances of your life;
  • Change some things about you that will change some difficult things around you; and,
  • Make better decisions about life and about the lives of those around you.

All this because you learn to keep praying.

So, pray and keep praying. When you do, you will learn to hear His voice when the noise of difficult circumstances is all around you. So, keep praying and hold on to every conversation you have with Him. If you pray, He will hear. Keep praying. Hold on to your faith and do not grow weary at waiting on things to change; He will bless you. Do not give up on or give in to your situation no matter what it is. Don’t become discouraged.  Keep praying; hold on to the hope you have in Him when you pray. When you keep praying you are telling the devil that he cannot have a victory over you in anything no matter what the situation is. Keep praying; do not give up. Do not grow weary because in due season He will show you that He has been listening to all you have ever said to Him in prayer. He will not let you down if you do not get down with your circumstances. Live a Delivered Life. Love you.