A New You

In the book of Genesis, we learn that God created man and all the other animals on the sixth day of creation.  But there was something special about the account of man’s creation.  God has a conversation with Himself in which He says He will make man to be different in a special way.  Man was to be made in the image of God Himself.  Indeed, this makes man different from any other thing that God created.  One of the first blessings God gave us at our creation was to be made in His image.  One of the of the best blessings He gives us each day of our lives is the opportunity to live like we were made in His image.  With our birth, God started His work in us; with our lives, we should allow Him to finish His work.

Isaiah 64:8 reminds us, “But now O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and You are our potter; And we are all the work of Your hand.”  With our births, God created the clay from which our lives could be fashioned into the finished products He envisions for each of us.  But we can sometimes keep Him from finishing His work because we start to work on ourselves by ourselves.  Because we can think and reason for ourselves, one of the ways we are made in His image, we sometimes think we are a more finished product than we are.  The scripture says three things that should help us remember that we will always be a work in progress with God.  God is always trying to create a new you in you. 

First, He reminds us He is our Father.  And if He is our Father, that means without saying it, we are His children.  So, we must know what a father is and what does it mean to be a child of the Father.  A father is our provider, our safety, our guide, our encourager, our problem solver, and our source of love.  A father gives his children a sense of the value they have and the potential of who they can become.  A father is the example of the type of person we should want to grow to be.  

But the Father God speaks of is much more.  This Father is the Source of the raw material that is used to produce the persons we are.  A Father is the place where we get our existence.  Before we were born, a Father was the source of the idea of who we would be.  A Father is the Source of all the knowledge we can know about ourselves because the Father chooses the raw materials that become the finished products we are.  Without a Father we cannot be a child.  A Father helps you quench the old you so that the New You can come forth.  You cannot be a New You unless you know what the Father had in mind for who you ought to be.  Do you know God as your Father?

Next scripture tells us God is the potter and we are the clay.  If we are going to become New Persons, we need to understand the divine order of things.  There was a time when I thought I knew best who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do with my life.  Then I learned that God is the potter of our lives; He wants to craft us into something that He has in mind.  Life with God can never be what I think I want it to be for me.  Sometimes we say that God lives in us by His Spirit, and this is spiritually sound thinking.  But when we recognize that God is the potter of our lives, we don’t just say He lives in us.  More than that, we learn that it is better for us to live out our lives in Him.  When we are in Him, it is more likely we will submit to Him as the potter, recognizing that we are but the clay of His workmanship.  If you are your own potter, you cannot be the clay.  And if you are the clay, you need the work of a Potter to fashion you into something New.  If you come to live in Him, then you will come to live as the clay in His hands.

Finally, scripture tells us that we are the work of His hands.  When we submit to the fact that He is our Father and that we are but clay in His hands, we understand that God has shaped us to be who we are.  God knows what He is doing with our lives more than we can know what is happening with our lives.  If we find ourselves orchestrating our lives instead of following what His design for our lives, we are probably trying to work out our own lives without His help.  God wants to work on you, and He wants to work in you.  Your job is to allow Him to complete His work.  With God things of yesterday are old, and they must pass away so that new things can come forth.  If you are no different today from who you were yesterday, you probably have not allowed the work of His hands to bring forth a new you.  

When you accept God as your Father and realize you are His child, when you realize He is the potter and you are the clay, and when you realize you are the workmanship of His hands, then you will be a new person each day.  God has something new in mind for you for every new day that He gives to you.  God does not want you to take the old you into a new day.  Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.