Good Friday

Good Friday is the day that many people understand to be the day that Christ was crucified and died for people of a sinful fallen world, people like you and me, people who have gone before us and for all who will come after us.

For the believers, Good Friday can be seen as a bad day along the way to a life of eternally great days.  Good Friday cannot really be understood for its goodness unless you keep it in context of the part of the journey of life it represents.  Our week consists of seven days – what happens on Thursday alone cannot by itself define your week because your Fridays will always come; and your Fridays can bring good from the things that happen on the Thursdays before.  We cannot have a week unless we have Sunday through Saturday.

So perhaps we ought to think of and view Good Friday in that way.  We cannot have eternal life unless we had a Good Friday.  By itself, there was nothing good about Jesus being crucified and dying on a cross like any criminal in His time.  But thank God that He created us in His image.  When He breathed into us the breadth of Life, He made us living souls who could enjoy life eternal just as He is.  We are not an event that lives and dies and is forgotten; we are part of God’s dream to have someone who will choose to live, die, and live again with Him forever in eternity.

For me, what makes Good Friday good is not just what happened on that day; crucifixion is really a bad way to die.  But Good Friday is good because God was smart enough to make a way for each of us to have eternal life, a way that the devil cannot steal away from us.  He made a way for each of us to be winners, and He made a loser of the devil.

God revealed the secret to eternal life right before satan on a day like Good Friday but satan is too focused on himself to see it.  On Good Friday, God placed into our hearts the secret to living with Him in eternity.  He placed into our hearts the secret to salvation.  And because He placed this right into our hearts, satan can’t find it there because he looks at all the other stuff he has and all the other stuff he tries to entice us to want, hoping he will find our secret.  But he cannot look into and take from our hearts what God placed there on a day like Good Friday.   You see, if you are a believer, Jesus lives now in your heart, and satan doesn’t want to be anywhere around the Lord.

Enjoy your day today, for on a day like this God made a way for you to Live a Delivered Life.  And that indeed makes it a Good Friday.  Live A Delivered Life.  Love you.