All Things Are Possible

Do you know someone who always seems to find a way to see what is not possible with what they are facing? We all have some of this tendency in us.  We look at what is before us and then at what we want.  Then we decide that the difference between what is and what we want is not possible for us to have.  We don’t allow room for the possible because we see how impossible things are.  Moses did this when God called him to go back to Egypt to deliver the Israelites.  Moses had all kinds of reasons he didn’t see how he could be successful – even with God’s help.  He finally asked God to choose someone else, saying he was not an eloquent speaker.  Moses did not believe anything could change that, not even an encounter with God.  God was patient and responded to Moses by saying, “Who made man’s mouth?  Was it not I the Lord?”

In many ways today we are like Moses.  Sometimes we may say we believe God, but we have a hard time believing what can be or what is different with us.  We don’t see any change in who we are, not before or even after we come to know the Lord.  We continue to live knowing that God is real but unknowingly denying the power of that knowledge to work in our lives.  One of the first things that must change in us when we come to faith in God is to believe that He can and will and probably already has changed us in some significant ways that we may not see right away.  We see this in scripture in Genesis 18:14 when the Lord says to Abraham “Why did Sarah laugh, saying shall I surely bear a child, since I am old? Is anything too hard for the Lord.”  The Lord had just told Abraham and Sarah, who were in their late 80s, that they would have a child the next year.  Sarah couldn’t believe it because she believed what was impossible for her age.  Abraham may not have believed this could be true given his age, but he believed that age to God and to man were not the same things.  Abraham was able to believe by faith.  Sarah simply believed, as she always had, in what her previous experience told her was true. 

Consider this.  Noah did what was impossible for his time; he built an Ark.  Moses did what was impossible to do; he drew water from a rock in the desert.  Elizabeth, like Sarah, did what was impossible and conceived in her old age.  Mary did what was impossible and conceived while she was a virgin.  David did what was impossible and slew Goliath the giant when no one else could do it.  I could go on, but you should see my point.  In each of these cases, and in countless more, man believed what was impossible, but God made the improbable possible for them.  The only difference between these people and us today is in the change we allow to happen within us when we come to know God.  If we do not permit faith to change our belief system, we will likely go through life knowing God but not feeling any different inside than we did when we didn’t know Him at all.

Let’s not be like Moses and say with our actions, “Lord I don’t feel any different now than I did before I met you.”  The first miracle of your life in the Lord should be to stop believing the impossible and to learn to believe the improbable, because with God nothing is impossible—absolutely nothing, including what troubles you most.  Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.