Consider Your Ways

In the movie The Color Purple they sing the song “God is trying to tell you something”.  It is a classic song that speaks to the lengths God will go to speak to us.  In a way He must go to great lengths to talk to us because we will often go to great lengths to miss what He tries to say to us.

In Haggai 1:5, scripture brings this to the hearing of the people when it says, “Now therefore, thus says the Lord of Hosts, Consider your ways!”  This is a simple Word, and for me it simply says the way I live can keep me from understanding the way God speaks and ultimately whether I can learn to hear Him speak.

Sometimes we intentionally live in ways that we do not want to hear from God; and then there are times when we unintentionally live in ways that keeps us from hearing God.  Either way, He speaks to us about this in the same way – Consider our Ways.

When we decide we need rest before we can go to church – He says, “Consider your ways!”

When we decide we need to fix our house before we invite Him into our home – He says, “Consider your ways!

When we fill our hearts with worldly stuff that leave no room for Him – He says, “Consider your ways!

When we believe we do all the right things but right things don’t happen for us – He says, “Consider your ways!”

When we sow much, but we bring home little; when we eat all that we love, but we are still hungry; when we drink, but we are not filled; when we are friendly, but we have few friends; when we earn much, but we owe much more – to all this He says, “Consider your Ways.”

Consider this.  You live on the same street that God lives.  In one case, He lives in the house directly across from your house; but you are too busy with your stuff to ever invite Him to your house, so you never learn to hear Him speak. His message to you is to consider your ways.  Then He may live in the house next door to you, and you share a driveway with Him; but you never ask if you can give Him a lift, so you never hear what His needs may be.  His message to you is the same: consider your ways.   Then there is the instance where you lose your job and are unable to pay your rent, so He invites you to come live with Him; then you learn how He lives and how He speaks and He learns the same things about you.  His message is the same: consider your ways.

God wants more than just to live in the same neighborhood as you do; He wants more than to share a common driveway with you; He doesn’t simply want your life and His life to cross paths; He wants to share His life with you, and He wants you to give Him your life.  When God speaks to us it comes with blessings; so if you will consider your ways, maybe you would hear what He is trying to tell you, and perhaps you will find the blessings of life He has for you.   Live A Delivered Life.  Love you.