But I Will

Ok, it’s time for a message. But I will.  In the book of Isaiah 38:17-19, scripture recounts a conversation King Hezekiah had with God when he said “For hell cannot thank You; death cannot praise You; Those who go down to the grave cannot hope for Your Truth. The living, the living man, he shall praise You, as I do this day.  The father shall make known Your Truth to the children”.

King Hezekiah was sick and near death – but he was not going to give up living for God easily.  He was saying to God, remember now – others may not be able to thank you, or to praise you or even to hope in Your Truth, but I will because I live for You.  So I asked myself. What am I doing with this day today? And you – what are you doing with this day today? We are the living today – do we thank the Lord enough to keep someone off the path to hell?  Those in hell cannot thank the Lord.  Do we praise Him enough by the way we live that it will make someone else find in their lives some praise for Him? There are many who are living dead lives – living for themselves and for what they want and praising themselves and nothing more.  And do we by the way we live, reveal to others a hope that is strong enough that it keeps us above the things that take others to their graves? There are many of us who will go to our graves because we lack the hope in God’s Truth to live for or with something we cannot change.  It’s the living – not just those who are alive – but the man whose every breath is for Christ and in Christ.  It is this man who will through his life, praise the Lord louder than his words can do it.

The living man lives for Christ this day, and every new day becomes another chance the man living for Christ can proclaim to be a praise to Him. Others may not thank Him; they may not praise Him; they may not hope in His Truth – But I will.  Because I am a man who wants to live for Him.  Just as King Hezekiah did so before me; I will do so this day.  So what about you?  Live in such a way this day that your life alone will proclaim to the children and to others the Truth of Christ.  Don’t live a dead life. Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.