Speak to Yourself

Ok, it’s time for a message. It’s time to start speaking to ourselves.  Why can’t we make ourselves be what we try to make others to be? Why can’t we make ourselves do what we try to make others do?  Why don’t we view ourselves with the same judgment we view others?  We are encouraged to find the answer to these questions in the book of Psalms 4:4 as it says “Stand in awe, and sin not; commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still”.  Sometimes we say this about others “you can’t tell them anything”.  Often time we should be saying this about ourselves – “I don’t listen to myself when I try to tell myself what I want to tell others”.

It is sometimes a hard pill for us to swallow when we learn we have to speak to ourselves about ourselves.  I didn’t like it at all.  But the Word encourages us to do just that and to do it often. And, It gives us a way to speak to ourselves that makes it easier for us to hear and for us to do what we say.

It tells us to stand in awe of God; this means we should live in total amazement of Who God is and in the wonder of His Love.   And when we view Him in awe and adoration, we can better see ourselves for who we are in Him.  Then we stand a better chance to refrain from sin as a way of life.  After this we are encouraged to speak to ourselves – to our own hearts – as if we are asleep on our beds – in the quietness and stillness of life.  God is very specific about this because we tend to compare how great we believe we live to how poorly we believe others are living. We have the standard of measurement all wrong.  We must measure up to how God says we should live before Him and not before men.  He doesn’t need to compare us to a misbehaving person to establish our righteousness. And He doesn’t need show someone else their faults by comparing them to our life. This is what we do; it is not what God does.

So, we are encouraged to speak to ourselves in the quiet still moments of sleep where we can only compare ourselves to His Word.  It is there that we are able to speak to ourselves and to measure ourselves against His righteousness.  It is there that we are able to say to ourselves “The Lord will lift us up when we are down”.  And when we see His work in us, we may be a quiet example to others of how effective His Word can be in the lives of those who learn to slow down, to sit down and to speak to themselves about themselves.  Let’s learn to always speak and do to ourselves what we are always eager to tell others to do with their lives.  Live a Delivered Life.  Love You.