Wise Counsel

Ok, it’s time for a message.  Proverbs 1:5 tells us “A wise man will hear and increase learning.  A man of understanding will attain wise counsel”.  A wise man is a person who listens for and lives by what the Lord says to him.  A wise man doesn’t do what he did yesterday nor does he do what others are doing.  A wise man does what others would never think to do because he listens for the Lord in all things.  A wise man learns from what he is not doing as much as he learns from what he does.  A man of understanding is a man who has been taught by wisdom.  A man of understanding will have knowledge of how before he has experiences because he seeks to learn from what wisdom can say to him.  A man of understanding treats wisdom like it is a person more than just a higher level of knowledge.  So a man of understanding has a personal relationship with the man of wisdom.  You can become a wise man and a man of understanding when you stop living by what you learn from the world and you live by what can only be learned from the Lord.  You cannot have a life with Christ when you have a prenup agreement with yourself to act on your own in some things you won’t trust the Lord to handle your way.  Wisdom and understanding covers you and keeps you from the times when you want to act like everyone else acts because you believe experience is the best teacher for some matters of your life.  The world teaches you how you should act so your thinking will follow your worldly acts; but the wise and understanding man is first taught by the Lord so his in his thinking his acts are shown to be more of the Lord than of the world.  Live a Delivered Life.  Love you