Where Are You Going?

Ok, it’s time for a message.     Where are you going?  Scripture tells us in Mark 12:30 that the first and greatest commandment of God is for us to Love The Lord God with all our hearts, soul, mind and strength.  That is a lot more than just saying, Lord I love You – we are all quick to say that.  But He wants us to know it’s serious and we have to be seriously committed to it.  Then in the next verse, Mark 12:31 Jesus goes on to say “ And the second, like it, is this,  you shall love your neighbor as yourself.  There are no other commandments greater than these”.  Now it gets even more serious for us.  I won’t ask if you love the Lord; and I won’t ask if you love your neighbors? You know that or He will show you if you do.  But I will ask if you love yourself?  Because I can see that Jesus wants us to know we may find it easy to get along with Him but it’s gonna take some work to get along with other people – but we have to be up to that just like we get up to loving Him.   In Matthew 7:12, Jesus says to us “ Whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the law of the prophets”.   Listen, whatever way you treat the Lord; whatever way you treat others, you are telling them this is the way you want to be treated. By respecting others you are telling them you want respect to be shown back to you.  You cannot just say I will respect you because I want you to respect me.  That isn’t enough.  You should be careful not to think someone treated you poorly so I am justified in how I treat them back.  Doing this will make people feel justified in how they treat you.  It is not I will do it if they do it; it is I do it because it is what causes others to do it back to me.  Jesus is trying to tell us we cannot be like everybody else and still Love Him.  However little or however much we love others, this is how much we love ourselves.  We have to go first and treat people right and we have to go last and keep treating people right and there is nothing in between that should stop us.  We are not being told we can treat people according to the way they treat us; satan’s children think that way.  People take a broad path to  try and get to a great place in life but it doesn’t work like that – you have to accept that with Jesus, He makes a way for us to get to the place He has chosen for us, right in the middle of the broad path most people are taking to their destruction.  You know if you love the Lord and You know if you love yourself and You know how you want to be treated by others simply by looking at the way you are with others.  If you believe you love yourself it will be seen in the lives of others.  So where are you headed?  Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.