Take Off

Ok, it’s time for a message.   Take off before you put on.  The scripture in Ephesians 4:17-24 says to us “ This I say, therefore, and testify in the Lord, that you should no longer walk as the rest of the Gentiles walk, in the futility of their mind, having their understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God … and that you put on the new man which was created according to God, in true righteousness and holiness.”  Being a believer is much like giving the Holy Spirit the freedom to get to work in us, birthing forth the life God intends for us to be.  Our belief allows the seed of that new life to be planted right into our hearts so that His Spirit can help us take off the old person we are and to watch the new person be born.  Believing is an event – just as having a baby is an event – but becoming a believer happens over time because it is a Spiritual pregnancy.  Many of us remember the time we first believed because it was a joyful unforgettable time.  But few of us can remember becoming a believer because that happens in the pregnancy of our new birth and it is a hard process – a process many of us use our old lives to avoid.  Everyday the believer becoming a believer should enjoy putting off something old about their lives and bringing forth something new.   If you wake up today and you see more of the same person you were yesterday looking back at you, perhaps God is trying to tell you that you didn’t put off enough.  Be careful too for the world will tell you if it’s too hard to be a new you where you are, go someplace new and start new.  You cannot take an old you to a new place and become a new person.  The work of becoming a new person happens in the place where you are now because it is there you can be sure it is the work of the Holy Spirit in you and not the old you simply putting on some old things you haven’t worn before.  You should feel like you are in the beginnings of a Spiritual pregnancy where there is a new you trying to be born every day.  If your marriage, your work, your children, your hopes, your dreams are not working out like they should – perhaps it’s because you are refusing to put off more of that old unbelieving person you are and refusing to become more of the person God intended you to be.  The world will give new things to that old person you are to keep you being that old person; but God makes you a new person and in doing so He helps you give old things new meaning in Him.  Live a Delivered Life.  Love you