A Different Office

Ok, it’s time for a message.   A different office but the same call to Be.  Titus 1:7 says “For a bishop must be blameless, as a steward of God, not self-willed, not quick tempered.. but hospitable , a lover of what is good”.  Not everyone is called to operate from the office of a bishop.  But this doesn’t mean we don’t have what it takes to be like the person of a bishop.  Since man is involved in selecting bishops for office, the Lord tries to give us something to see in them, that helps us make the best choices in who holds the offices of church leaders.  We have to learn then to get past looking simply at what a man does as the basis of who a man is.  Now being blameless does not mean never doing anything wrong or we’d never have a preacher or bishop or even a Sunday school teacher.  Being blameless means we resolve to live before God as true and honestly in heart as possible, learning of Him and learning from Him as He makes us stewards of Him.  And God knows we cannot truly be learners of Him until we have been made to be not self-willed.  Now better English might say until we learn not to be self-willed.  But God is not just after what we learn to do.  He is after making us be who we should be so that what we do is natural for who we are.  He knows the first thing that has to go is the sense of being self-willed because this will keep us from listening first to Him and it will keep us from listening to others.  So we must not be self-willed but rather God and others-willed.  When we have learned to be what makes us to not be self-willed, We can be calm when others are angered; we can forgive when others condemn; we can give when others seek to get; we can be lovers of others when others are loving themselves; we can be dependent on God when others can depend only on themselves.  God doesn’t need us all in the office of a bishop.  He has something greater for us and He asks the bishop to be the same thing that He is asking of us. We all are to be blameless in heart before God so that others, when they see the mistakes we make, do not judge us forever by the things we do wrong.  As a believer – someone who is living out the transformation of person and heart the Lord is presently working into them, you will find it difficult to escape the blame of man if you are still self-willed as a person.  Live a Delivered Life.  Love you