Simple Things!

Ok, time to get up and get going down to the church.  

Simple  Things!  Our granddaughter is 2.5 years old now.  When she comes over she will go to our bedroom and get her outdoor shoes.  She will come back to me and put them on and they say to me “outside”.  We go walking on the sidewalk.  When we have to cross the street she grabs my hand and helps me across.  When we get to the other side she let’s go and walks on ahead of me so I will learn how to follow her.  She will occasionally look back to let me know she is leading me and she hasn’t walked off and left me to myself to find my own way.  She wants me to know sometimes I may walk on my own but never alone.  It’s in the simple things like this that she is the biggest person to me – when she takes me on our walks.  Like her, God is biggest when we allow Him to lead us in the simple things of life.  He will not run off and leave you; He will help you across tough dangerous pits yet He allows you to learn walk a bit on your own so you will learn how to depend on him when you feel safe and secure.  He is at your door and He has His outdoor shoes on.  Why don’t you go for a walk with Him today and every day of your life.  You will find how great He is in the simple things.  If you don’t feel like God is leading you or that you are following Him it may be because you are walking alone.  Love you guys