God Is in the House

While the Israelites were still in the desert, God instructed them to build a tabernacle so God’s presence could rest among the people daily.  The scripture says God would hover above the tabernacle in the form of a cloud by day and a pillar of fire at night.  Wherever the cloud moved, the people would follow; wherever the fire moved, the people would follow.  They understood when the cloud and the fire were present, God was in the house.

At that time a tabernacle was a physical, movable dwelling where God lived; today God wants our lives to be the place where He lives.  He doesn’t want a building; He wants a life—your life.  But if He lives in your life, how will others know He is there?  What will be the signs?  Scripture says in Philippians 1:5, “Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand.”  God is saying that if we have allowed Him to build His house in our lives, there should be some clear evidence that He is there.  Like the tabernacle of old, when God’s house is in your life, there will be a cloud and a fire that stands out for all to see.  Gentleness is one way people will know that God is alive in His house when His house is in your life.

The cloud of God and the fire of God are the goodness of God with us.  His clouds are not there to bring darkness to our days nor is His fire there to burn our lives when we get too close to where we should not be.  If His house is in our lives, we will have a cloud that is first visibly gentle to others.  You should not bring darkness to the lives of others by your cloud.  You should not bring storms to the lives of others with your cloud.  You should not bring thunder and lightning to others with you cloud.  If the house of God is in your life, then your cloud will brighten a dreary day in the lives of others.  It will brighten a dark day for others.  Even on a sunny day, your cloud will stand out brighter in the lives of others.  If there is pain, your cloud with sooth and comfort.  If there is sadness your cloud will bring the light of joy.  If there are needs in the lives of others, your cloud will point the way to and bring provision to them.  God is the only one who can use a storm to calm a storm.  He can use your cloud to clear up the cloudy lives of others if you are willing to let Him build His house in your life.

If His house is in our lives, we will also have a fire that is felt by others.  This fire is not meant to consume; instead, the fire of God warms.  This fire is not one that burns; instead, it lights up the darkness around others.  This fire is not one that brings pain; instead, it is a fire that bring healing.  This fire is not one that destroys; instead, it gives rise to life.  This fire is one that stands against the cold in the lives of others.  This fire lights the path and refines the lives of others.  When God lives in your life, your fire is a gentle, loving, gracious and eternally glowing flame that reveals the hope that we should all have when God is in the house.  Your fire will help illuminate the things others should think on, the things that are just, the things that are pure and lovely, and the things that are of virtue.  Your fire should reveal the things that are of God.

If God has made His house in your life, then you will have a cloud and a fire over you that tells others the Lord Himself is at hand.  So let Him build His house in your life.  Let your gentleness be known by all.  Don’t be anxious about anything.  Live in the calm of God, knowing that His house is in your life.  If you do this, you will have the peace of God to guide you in all things.  Others will see God in you, and they will glorify Him for that.  Live a Delivered Life.  Love you.